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The 3 Best Pulse Oximeters of 2020

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  1. CMS 50 D

This pulse oximeter has been cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device so it can accurately monitor your oxygen levels. It also comes with a lanyard, a typical black and green LED screen, and a long battery life. There’s a bar pulse indicator right there on the screen to help you obtain a strong and accurate reading.

This particular pulse oximeter can be used at high altitudes, low altitudes, high temperatures, and low temperatures. This makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts—hikers, campers, or anyone else who may enjoy life outdoors.

Whenever you’re looking at an LCD screen outdoors, it can appear dark and difficult to read. That’s not the case with this one—it has 10 different brightness levels to make it easier to read in bright sunlight.

One of the faults of pulse oximeters on the home market is that they may provide a false reading. This is particularly applicable to this one as outdoor enthusiasts can push themselves the point where they’re out of breath—yet the pulse oximeter can still show that oxygen saturation levels are OK.

2. CMS 50 DL

Instead of a green LCD screen, this one has a red one. Red LCDs are designed to be easy to read at night without bothering people who are asleep. This red LCD is particularly useful if you find yourself having to wake up in the middle of the night to take a quick reading. You’ll find that the red LCD won’t hurt your eyes if you’re groggy—this isn’t true with any other color.

This one also comes with two AAA batteries and a lanyard. Just like the CMS 50, it can be used at high altitudes, low altitudes, high temperatures, and low temperatures. However, it doesn’t have 10 different brightness indicators – this can make it difficult to read in bright sunlight.

This also has a long battery life—use it for 30 continuous hours or perform 2500 spot checks with it. It has a pulse rate, SPO2 reading, and a bar graph.

If you’re patient who needs one of these, make sure that you monitor and keep a log of your various saturation levels throughout the day and while performing various activities —especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast and plan on using this outdoors.

3. Invacare Digit Ox-2

Invacare is a well-known supplier of home medical products. This particular pulse oximeter has a large LED screen with 10 different luminescence levels—optimal for reading at any angle with or without reading glasses. This one comes with two AAA batteries and a lanyard. In other words, the device comes with everything you need to get started—including the lanyard to help keep track of it.

It has a one-button operation with an auto-off feature to save battery power. When you look at it, it’ll have a black background with bright green lettering. You’ll see the SPO2 waveform as well as a pulse-strength bar meter. With each set of batteries, you’ll receive 16 hours of continuous use and 1400 different readings. It is manufactured by Probasics and comes with a two-year warranty.

Every pulse oximeter has its downsides. When compared to hospital-grade devices, it can be seen as inaccurate. Furthermore, pulse oximeters may prove ineffective under certain conditions such as cardiac or respiratory arrest, cardiac arrhythmias, shock or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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